Domo-kun Invades 7-Eleven Near You [Awesomeness]


I don’t know how the heck I missed this!  Domo, aka Domo-Kun, is an internet sensation and TV mascot (from Japan). In a moment of promotional awesomeness, 7-11, Dark Horse Comics, and Tokyopop got together and came up with one sweet promotion.

The group launched a plethora of Domo-branded items (including the famous Slurpee) and they are now available.  The promo actually started on the 1st and runs for six-weeks.  What’s even better (at least for us Domo-nerds), is that this promotion is for the upcoming Domo DVD!!!  SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!

In case you haven’t seen him before, I’ve posted an awesome little video and images (via the 7-11 website) of the available items.  Check them out, after the jump!

domostraw slurpcupdomo

domocoffdeal fuji

If you don’t know where a 7-11 is … here’s a link to their store locator.

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  1. We saw it this weekend when we were getting our slurpees. I have to say we thought it looked pretty stupid to us. Not to be cold, just looked like something of no interest compared to the slurpees!

  2. Why is it that the 7-11’s in my area are showing ads at their stores about the domo promo yet when we ask the shop keeps they tell us that the 7-11’s here will not be acquiring them? is it some sort of conspiracy…? how can i find a 7-11 that has the whole domo promo near me? any help please thank you!

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