Soto Earns A 2010 Michelin Star

Most foodies know about the Michelin Guide; it is the most notable ratings guide I can think of.  This year, former Atlanta resident Sotohiro Kosugi scored himself a star.  His eponymous New York sushi bar is starting to pick up some of the acclaim that’s been long overdue.  Congratulations to Sotohiro Kosugi, my favorite sushi chef anywhere!!!

Soto Japanese Restaurant Address & Information

357 Ave Of The Americas New York, NY 10014 // 212.414.3088

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  1. His food was good but his attitude is completely ridiculous. Never in my life have I been told I wasn’t allowed to order specific types of nigiri because “there are other customers.” I am a paying customer as good as any of the others, to me, this is tantamount to him relating that he does not want my business.

    I suppose he moved to NYC because these behaviors are a little more acceptable than they are in the south. His food is great, but absolutely not worth the hassle of dealing with Sotohiro’s attitude.

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