Happy Fun Time Drinking Games Causes Swine Flu

I wasn’t sure whether I should tag this as a Laugh Of The Day or as News That Sucks.  It seems oddly appropriate for both.  Anywho, it turns out that liquor-based social engagements of the competitive type can really fudge with your health. 

According to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which sounds just important enough to mean that it might actually be just that, 21 cases of Swine flu broke at out the upstate New York institution.  The culprit behind this sucktastic fun time – drinking games like beer pong.  If there would be someway to incorporate H1N1 into the rules of this past time (which I always have to play with shots!!!!), then that would make things interesting.  Case in point – winner gets the vaccination as a reward.  Sheesh … talk about a buzz kill.

[NYM via NYP]

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  1. This week in “Duh” news: Beer that once floated a ping pong ball that was once in a) other people’s hands b) other people’s beer and c) the floor MAY harbor some germs.

    Yuck AND Ick.

    (this is how I know I’m old, btw. I used to be Beer Pong and Flippy Cup CHAMP. Now it just maj grosses me out.)

    xx, L

  2. Yet beer pongage still continues at UGA. Idiots run the school out of vaccine, Red and Black sucker punches the pharmacy school for not providing free vaccines and then kids go out doing things like this. Real smart cookies.

    It’s overrated anyways, more people die of the regular flu. Wash your hands peeps and use common sense…

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