Roman Abramovich’s $47,000 Lunch At Nello’s [Yeah … It Happened]


Economic downturn?  Apparently not.  Case in point: Russian oil magnate Roman Abramovich, who is an economy unto himself, decided that lunch at the famed Nello’s Restaurant in New York’s Upper East Side would be a good time to spend more than most people make in a year.

See that little tiny picture over on the right hand side of this post?  Give it a little click.  Yeah, that’s a copy of the receipt from the billionaire’s lunch on October 30th.  Rumor has it that on top of the $7,328.00 included tip, Abramovich dropped an additional 5G for his servers.  Pretty cool to think that you could start a college fund simply by waiting a table during the lunch rush.

Nello’s Restaurant Address & Information
696 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10021 // 212.989.9099 // Nello’s Zagat Page

[via huffington post]

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  1. You know – I just don’t know how to feel about this, but I seem to have 2 overwhelming emotions:

    1) Happy for the servers – at least someone is actually benefiting from this ostentatious show of wealth.

    2) nausea.

    I guess because I have never known this type of wealth, this just baffles me. But I can tell you if I ever do – I certainly hope that I’ll have the common sense to never do something like this. My gosh, to think what one could have done with that money – especially for the service of others……but instead a few people got lunch. That’s just great.

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