Super Chef Battle: Iron Chef America Goes To The White House [TV Shows]


Though I’m a much bigger fan of the Japanese original (that’s a wiki link), Iron Chef America isn’t half bad.  Hosted by Atlanta’s own Alton Brown on the Food Network, the competition show features a number of great cooks (remember the Richard Blais episode?).

Now, a couple of Iron Chef’s (Mario Batali & Bobby Flay), will join Emeril Lagasse in a Super Chef Battle at the White House.  I must admit, it saddened me to hear that Atlanta’s White House Restaurant was not the hosting location.  Instead, the trio will take a trip to our nation’s capital to challenge White House executive chef Cristeta Comerford and first lady Michelle Obama.

The episode, a two-hour special, will premier Sunday January 3rd, 2010 at 8pm.  The challenge at hand?  Create a meal for America using the White House Kitchen’s local produce as the secret ingredient.  Talk about taking Farm to Table to the next level?  I’ll be watching!

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  1. Food network should remain neutral in the culture war by doing things like supporting Share Our Strength like they are now. As soon as I saw the first ad I knew that not only would no one that I know watch the program but that FN blew it bit time by failing to remain neutral. No one wants to watch FN to see political non-sense like this. I don’t know the political leanings of the chefs or the network and I don’t care to know. This show blew it big time and I and everyone I know will be completely ignoring it. Too bad the sponsors are blowing there money with many viewers tuning out.

    • Have you already watched the program? How do you know that it is political? Just because the First Lady is involved does not mean that the show won’t focus on the food part alone. Having watched this program for years, I know that there is so much going on that there will hardly be anytime for political grand-standing. I would be willing to bet that all the chefs will do their best to NOT reveal their political leanings, as it may alienate fans, like yourself. Before you make any judgements, watch the show and don’t blindly boycott it when you don’t know what will happen.

      • You idiot! You are making this political. As an American, I have learned to put my political preference aside once the president takes office. The Food Network provided great entertainment with a special guest, OUR first lady, Michelle Obama–who was beautiful and eloquent. If you are an American, you should be proud the first lady is so down to earth to agree to this event. Also, she is using her position to encourage Americans to plant a vegetable garden and eat healthy. Thank you to Food Network and the White House! I loved the concept and the show.

  2. Food should be neutral? What is so un-neutral about our own president? Are you un-american or something?

    Honestly, use logic. It would save the rest of us time in proving you wrong.

  3. Sorry, must agree with the first post. Love Iron Chef America, but saddened they’ve joined their entertainment industry cohorts in attempting to remake hardened Chicago politico Michelle Obama into something admirable. Simply by having her on the show they’re condoning her, and that’s enough to have me changing the channel.

  4. say the least tonights show was quite interesting. The recipes were very rustic and at the same time very modern. Regrardless, I will go for the gold. Flay showed class tonight and so did Emeril. Batali is an ass kisser…i’m sorry for the language but his dishes were overrated and did not deliver…clearly!! If you wanted to make the show a little bit more interesting, you should have hired Gordon Ramsay…why wasnt he in the running? It seems a little weird to me that Michelle Obama ran the show and Comaford came out on top. ALSO….get some judges who have a general knowledge on culinary arts…JANE SEYMOUR?????????????????????????? It’s all good….when you want a real competition get Ramsay!!!! Or was he not hired because he was to discourse to the standard?

  5. Also…………. if you do not know how to seperate food and cooking from politics…IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It appears to me Mario and Emeril lost on purpose to keep the face of White House (it looks Mario and Emeril dishes appealed to judges though). Why did Alton Brown take the place of chairman? I guess intrusive Alton wanted to see Michel Obama in person and cast out the chairman…

  7. everything today is politcal!! comaford won because the f.n. wasn’t going to embarrass the pres. and his wife on tv! that’s political no matter how you look at it. and because he is the first black prez, we really wont embarras him. You know this is true. dont bother to respond, because i wont even read your thoughts and hatefulness.

    • Yes you’re right im sure the President of the United States is very concerned of the press coverage that he recieves from the food network. That will be the crux for his reelection in 2012.

  8. @FNTL This Proves my point exactly the show was political from the get go. FN Really blew it on this one! I’m proud to say I missed it on purpose. I watch FN to be entertained not indoctrinated.

    • How was the show political…they were cooking food. It just so happened that it was from the white house….BIG DEAL.

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