Bad Decision Blocker: Phone Apps For The Drunkard In You [Laugh of The Day]

Though slightly off-topic, we here at Foodie Buddha do recognize the symbiotic relationship between drink and morsel.  Hence, this post! 

We all know the feeling.  You’ve had a few too many, you’re either completely elated or totally depressed, and all you want to do is call that person.  Perhaps it’s your wife and you want to tell your you love her (don’t – you’ll sound like an ass), perhaps it’s your significant other (don’t – you’ll sound clingy), or perhaps it’s the one that got away (DEFINITELY don’t – you’ll sound like a dwebe because you are one).

So while we all know these are things we shouldn’t do … we end up knee deep in the shit.  Thankfully, technology is here to help.  Enter The Bad Decision Blocker (website).

So yes, this little phone app is here to prevent you from drunk dialing.  Sadly, it is only available on the evil empires platform…but rest assured, it will probably end up on a phone near you sometime soon.

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  1. Ok, i’ve installed that, but need to know…is there ANYTHING that will block drunken facebook messaging??? i keep getting replies to shit i never even remembered posting! HELP!

  2. I usually am cautious about language criticism – I can switch tense faster than a speeding bullet – but when did Foodie Buddha (singular) become “we” (plural)? Yes, I know how easy it is to add in our entire online family and think of ourselves in the collective, but you might be mistaken for a Joe-Jim Gregory in the process.

    Sometimes I wish I had a Joe-Jim mode though. Then I could try two dishes at once ;).


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