And It All Started So Quietly …


After 365 Days, 627 Posts, and 1,055 comments … I’m just amazed that we’re here.  What started so innocuously (with just a little note), has turned into a daily part of my life.  I’ve met some very cool people and had a lot of great meals.  As little side projects go, this has been one of my favorites.   Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.  More to come in the next 3-6-5.

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  1. Happy birthday! I read without comment mostly, but always enjoy your take on restaurants. Last week I went to Nuevo Laredo for the first time for lunch and remembered your post on it and looked it back up for food suggestions. I work around the corner, but had just never been there. It was OK – nothing memorable, but the steak strips in the quesadilla were seasoned nicely as you said.

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Buddha-san,

    Happy blogversary! Here’s to another 365 days filled with hate comments, fanboys that can’t spell/write and the random GJ comment on your blog. Keep em’ coming!


  3. Wow…has it really only been a year? I would have sworn that you had been up and running for at least 2-3 years! Reading your restaurant reviews was one of the major influences for me starting my own blog….keep up the good work Mr. Buddha.

    And when are we getting those oysters we talked about?

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