Atlanta’s Entrees Are The Most Expensive In The Country

According to a report published in Reuters, Atlanta is home to the most expensive entrées in the country (at least amongst chains). The article states:

Other findings show that among chains surveyed, Atlanta boasts the most
expensive dinner entrees, averaging $14.75, outpacing the New York, Chicago, and
Los Angeles metro areas.

That’s pretty damn shocking.  Even though it seems you can prove just about anything with a study, to see us outpace true culinary Meccas isn’t a good thing.  While this bit of news is a few months old, I’m really surprised that this didn’t seem to get a mention anywhere around town.

[via Reuters]

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  1. Well, this is just proof positive you need to stop eating chain food when possible.

    Atlanta is also home to a lot of “one offs”, and Mom n’ Pop joints, and they can be very inexpensive.


  2. that’s surprising! Maybe because there are so many business travelers, and they probably gravitate towards “familiar” restaurants, so they get jacked and don’t care because the meal is on the company dime. That’s my hypothesis.

    I’m shocked the #1 city is not Las Vegas, though. Brutal expensive. Do you know where they appeared on the list?

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