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Yesterday, I mentioned that Food Network’s Chefs Vs City was philandering around Atlanta (in the foodie sense of the term).  Turns out, their trip to Holeman + Finch was just one in a series of stops.  As luck of the draw would have it, we caught CvC setting up shop in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market for a chitlins engagement.  In between tasty burger bites at Grindhouse, I managed to snap the above picture.

If chitlins sound unappealing (cuz lord knows they stank something awful), it shouldn’t be a surprise feature.  The premise of the show is that the two hosts (Aaron Sanchez and Chris Cosentino) hit up a city and challenge two local chefs to sample their cities most adventurous food.  However, it appears that this episode will feature challengers of a different breed.  Though I checked out a bit before filming began, I was told that Robert Irvine was one of the contestants.  Irvine is a celebrity chef who has a habit of turning up on the FN.

Ah but the info doesn’t end there.  Thanks to a heads up from @AtlantaDining, we’ve learned that CvC stopped in at The Buckhead Bread Company and the Atlanta Fish Market, two Buckhead Life restaurants.  Though I haven’t been able to get secondary confirmation of that, AtlantaDining is a reliable source … definitely worth the follow.

Last but not least, some investigative blogging turned up that the Atlanta episode will air sometime this summer, during season two of the program.

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  1. 1) What’s the story on Robert Irvine? Wasn’t he fired a few years ago for lying on his resume? Guess they brought him back anyway though?

    2) Chitterlings aren’t spelled how they sound 🙂

    • Second things first :-), though chitterlings is the “technical” spelling, other variations are commonly accepted. I went with the more phonetically accepted spelling for readability purposes. Check it out

      As for Irvine, yeah … he was shown the door back in 2008 but brought back in 2009.

  2. They also went to China House in the Assi food court on Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth. One of them got a noodle-pulling lesson.

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