YEAH! Burger: Shaun Doty’s Upcoming Burger Joint Has A Name [Openings]

Back in November, I mentioned that Shaun Doty and Erik Maier were set to open a burger joint over in the Westside.  At the time, the tentative name for the establishment was Good Burger.  However, it appears that name is now a thing of the past.  The new name is YEAH! Burger and this information appears to satisfy the journalistic bar for fact.  Surprisingly, there’s already a Facebook page for the restaurant, so you might as well be a fan!  Meanwhile, things still seem on track for a Spring opening in the old West Egg building, but take that with a grain of salt. There are other rumors floating around, but nothing even worth mentioning at this point.

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  1. We’re excited to check out YEAH! BURGER. YEAH! BURGER and Doty’s other restaurant Shaun’s are hosting the Atlanta Community Food Banks Supper Club fundraising event on June 16. What a great time to check it out and give back to the community. 20% of the evening’s proceeds benefit the Food Bank.

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