Deadwood Saloon Opens In Old Twisted Taco Space [Openings]

With the opening of Deadwood Saloon at 66 12th St NE, the Crescent Ave restaurant strip just got a little more crowded (again).  Deadwood has moved into the space that formerly housed Twisted Taco and opened with an attempt to bring something “unique” to Atlanta.  Strip away the cow-covered chairs, Captain Morgan statue, and kitschy thematics, what you have is a bar hiding out as a restaurant. 

The layout of the space is essentially the same; however, the patio out front is a little more refined and there is now an upstairs deck.  The latter might have been there before, but I was never sober during previous visits to the space to confirm or deny that.  So far, the menu looks like a mish-mash of funkified Tex-Mex and basic American food.  Details after I sample it.  The website is up, but still getting filled in.

Deadwood Saloon Restaurant Address & Information
66 12th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30361 // 404.671.4290 // Deadwood website // Deadwood menu // Deadwood on facebook

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  1. Hey foodiebuddha,
    Deadwood is open now. went there this weekend. Food is good. You need to go get you some good comfort food. (and my kind of comfort food is burgers, fried pickles, and some really good chips, i think they make them fresh). Definetely worth checking out. A good night time spot, too.;)

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