Petition To Save The Varsity Jr. [Dead Pool] After 45-years at the intersection of Lindbergh and Cheshire Bridge, The Varsity Jr. is sailing off into the sunset.  One of six outposts of the institution, the original plan was to rebuild the family-owned location. I first heard about this via a ton of people on twitter and my heart sank as the information was confirmed by 11-Alive just a little bit ago, this thing seems set in stone.  They have all the gritty details, so I won’t bother to give you all the he-said, she-said.  What I will tell you is that this sucks!  The Varsity Jr has been at the same place since before I was born and while I’m a Fenway type of guy, the plan to rebuild it seems reasonable to me. This isn’t right! And while I’m not so bold as to think my word alone carries any weight, but maybe with some help it will.  Thus, I’ve started a petition to save the Varsity JR..  We don’t have much time, but let’s see what a little elbow grease can do!


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  1. I am not sad at all.

    The Varsity has disgusting food, and as it is we have far to many burger and fry joints. There’s just no more room for the Varsity. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t eat there if the food was free.

  2. The varisty is a dump and the food is crap. I am all about nostalgia, but there has to be some substance to it. Just because it has been there for so many years, it does not make it worthy of adoration.
    I would not pay for their food, but it would pay to see it demolished.

  3. The Varsity always reminds me of a review I read way back on Atlanta Fulton Co. Stadium: “Buggy, muggy, and smells like a urinal”.

    Couldn’t say it better than that.

  4. A favorite high school haunt, visited regularly as I made trips to Hastings when it was across the street for vegetable garden seeds for my fine garden, and the first stop made from Piedmont Hospital when each of my three babies were born was for them to kiss a Varsity hot dawg welcoming their joyful arrival to our family in Atlanta.  City code and planning officials should have used their education and experience to study what they would have destroyed with implementation of bureaucratic codes that would have handicapped this site as it was being used for years.  Really, was this necessary?  My three babies, much older now, were very disappointed to hear that one of their favorite fast food eateries was to be no more.  Fortunately, the Princess and my three babies were able to enjoy a lunch together at the JV for their last day of service.  Unfortunately, that is what we seem to do in Atlanta, tear down our history . . .

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