Bruce Logue To Open New Italian Restaurant [Openings]


Chef Bruce Logue, the esteemed champion of La Pietra Cucina, is moving on to bigger and better things.  After spending the last couple of years trying to make it work in the location that just won’t go away, Logue is scheduled to cut ties with that albatross of a location sometime after January.  My understanding is that he’s looking at Grant Park, but that’s 100% rumor at this juncture.  The Atlanta native, who has spent time at the famed Babbo, may just be ATL’s best chef.  He’s certainly one of them.  I am not exactly sure what the exit strategy is for LPC … I don’t know if they are closing, keeping Logue on for an extended time, or what … but I’m sure that info will all come out in the not too distant future.

My understanding now is that this has been put off indefinitely.

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