Bocado Burglars: Car Theft At Westside Restaurant {Updates}

UPDATES: It has been confirmed that only one vehicle was stolen from Bocado last night.  This according to owner Brian Lewis via a third party.  Twitter user @ETK1 has also said that only one was taken!  However, 3 Sets of keys were acquired by the perp(s)

Last night, while some of you probably slumbered and others of you danced the night away (and I met up with Spark Plug), several customers were robbed at BocadoMy understanding is that the thief stole the keys from the valet and then took five automobiles from the nearby lot.  I’ll see what else I can find out about this,

I still have not been able to confirm exactly how the theft took place, but my understanding is still that the keys were taken from the valet stand

For someone like me who usually doesn’t care for valet service, I wonder if this will make restaurants think twice about how they employ the service.  Bocado does have a parking issue in that their lot is actually a block away, and it was a Friday night, but this can’t be good news for anyone involved.

In the meantime, be careful … even over in the ever popular Westside.

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  2. I highly recommend you talk to Brian or someone at the Valet company or BOCADO. Unfortunately, you’re perpetuating an unconfirmed and inaccurate rumor.

    I dined at BOCADO last night and a friend brought FoodieBuddha’s blog post to the attention of Brian Lewis and Todd Ginsberg. They confirmed that there was, in fact, only one car stolen.

    I like your blog and enjoy hearing about what’s going on and happening in and around Atlanta, but I strongly believe that you, and anyone else trying to report happenings in Atlanta, should be validating these kind of rumors in some way before posting it on the internet (or trying to convince the AJC to pick it up) or at a minimum, it should be CLEARLY marked that NO ONE has validated it. It’s irresponsible.

    • Hi Beth,
      Thanks for the note. I’m mobile right now so please forgive the brevity. As I stated above, this information was based on my information at the time. I did in fact talk to a person whose car was stolen last night (albeit VERY briefly) and a person who was at the restaurant at the time. As I did not have access to police reports and such, I contacted a friend at the AJC who asked me to tweet this to the attention of the ajc so that their support staff could get on it. I would have loved to talk to either Brian or Todd, however, they have decided to make themselves unavailable to me in the past. I also sat on this information for roughly 12-hours before I posted so that I could check information with yet a third person.

      I was very careful to put “My understanding” and “I’ll see what else I can find out about this” for that very reason. As more information is available to me, I will update it later today when I return.

  3. Our car keys were stolen in the Bocado incident. The thief stole three sets of keys using a crow bar to open a locked valet stand. He then used one set of keys to steal a car. The cars involved were directly in front of the restaurant – not in some remote lot.

    The restaurant and valet company could not have handled it better. The restaurant comped our meal and got a taxi to take me for my extra set of keys and bring me back. Meanwhile they kept the two cars with missing keys blocked in just in case the miscreant returned. The valet company is paying for our ridiculously expensive key and has already made improvements to security – keeping a valet at the locked key case at all times.

    I do not think this reflects anything about the Westside. Unfortunately, there are bad guys in the city, in the suburbs, and everywhere else.

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