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I think it’s fair to say that the number of blogs that cover (at least in part) some aspect of the Atlanta restaurant scene has skyrocketed since I started this food journal back in December ‘08.  In fact, UrbanSpoon has 190 different blogs listed on its Atlanta Blog Leaderboard.  Though many of those are admittedly defunct or based outside of ATL, I think it’s safe to say that we have an active community of online pontificators, pundits, comedians, and critics.

As the space becomes more and more crowded, I find myself regularly pruning my data feed to expunge low hanging fruit and information I just can’t seem to find the time for.  However, every once in awhile, I do add to my cadre of information sources.  The latest addition is a site entitled “The Saucy Server.” [website/@TheSaucyServer]

As for the background on the site’s scribe, I have no information beyond what she claims on her masthead and her introductory post from a few weeks back. 

  1. The Saucy Server is of the female persuasion
  2. The Saucy Server is a server in some unidentified Atlanta restaurant.

After reading her one review to date (of Antico), I can say she seems to sell her self a little short in her ability to construct coherent and interesting sentences.  She also has a better understanding of food (or at least pizza) than she gives herself credit for; and, she seems to have a witty sense of humor  (though she’s much more {expletive deleted} lady like than I am).

I’m quite curious to see how her voice develops.  There is some question of trust, but as it stands … she sure as hell isn’t going to be any worse than those in this community that attend PR events and gobble up freebees like I do Krystals.  And though she clearly states that she informally interviewed one of the employees of Antico, I’m not sure if that was under the guise of an interested customer.  As a good friend of mine asked, (in the sense that we’ve never met and don’t actually talk to one and other except for once or 2x on twitter) Who Can You Trust?  Regardless, she has something to say and I for one am intrigued and entertained enough to see what that is.  YAY FOR GOOD NEW BLOGS!

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  1. I am delighted to read this complimentary review of what is indeed a terrific blog written by an insightful, clever lady. But to refer to the rest of us as “low hanging fruit” that you don’t have time for is insulting and demeaning to fellow bloggers. As one of the peons you’ve dismissed I will count on karma to do her thing on you.

    I am so disappointed in you.

    • Please tell me you are kidding … that this is some failed attempt at humor … and that you do actually know how to understand coherent English sentences! If not, might I suggest that you first learn what the term low hanging fruit means, then go back and re-read the sentence. Then again consider that the statement had nothing to do with any individual and only with what information I have time for.

      After all that, please be sure to let me know which blog is yours so that, in the event I ever made the mistake of reading it in the first place … i can make sure to never read it again.

  2. I guess all article writers do have different levels on how to do a topic on their blog or what words  to use. I appreciate the use of new words which is for me very good especially that it will allow me to be curious of why you opt to choose that word instead of another dimple word. And I guess people whose english is not their native tongue like me who gets to read your post will most likely be diverted on to what you mean of the words you have used but then again it is very knowledgeable and entertaining to search for this since it will  be too bad for me to comment without thinking. 

    • Hi Mitch – phrases like low-hanging fruit is an idiom and not an uncommon one at that.  It basically means “that which can be obtained through little effort.”  So basically, what I’m saying in that sentence is that when I’m looking at my data feed, I try to look for information that is not readily available.  I like to find things that other people may not be aware of and share that with them.  It had nothing to do with the quality of the work of the people who I follow.  Search engines are a great way to find out something you may not understand and I bet there are at least a few articles on idioms that may help!  Cheers and thanks for reading.

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