Until We Meet Again [Wedding Season]

I’m on my way out of town for a few days to a land where internet access will be at a premium (if even available).  I have a few things in my draft box that I’ll try and wrap up on the plane, but in the event that you don’t hear from me over the next few days … please don’t be offended.  I return during the early part of next week, so worst case scenario – that very interesting rumor substantiated by a very reliable source will have to wait until then!

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  1. I hope you came up with a cute name for your surge of posts that coincided with the CL Best Of voting. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. I would have voted for you anyway.

    • Thanks for the kind words and for reading. I decided, for a lot of reasons, to essentially take a break from blogging at the beginning of this year. I like to get content up every day, so when I started back up again, I tried to keep with that thinking. My recent delay is on account of the travel and the busting of my laptop’s motherboard. Alas – i’m not fully operational, but i’m back enough to start getting stuff up again!

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