Watermelon Juice [Drink This Now]

watermelon juice at miso izakaya

Alcohol optional in this bad boy.  Freshly squeezed watermelon juice comes courtesy of Guy Wong’s Miso Izakaya.  And while I have your attention, check out this article on The Kitchn about watermelon cocktails.

Miso Izakaya Restaurant Address & Information
619 Edgewood Avenue Atlanta, GA 30312 // 678.701.0128 // website // tw

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  1. I’ve been juicing watermelon all summer. It’s the easiest thing on earth. Whiz chunks of the seedless stuff in the food processor, strain through a fine mesh colander and…ta da. We’ve added a bit of agave nectar to the mix for summer cocktails but ripe watermelon is often sweet enough on its own.

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