Push Start Kitchen Gets Some TV Time

Push Start Kitchen is one of a handful of supper clubs that operate in and around Atlanta.  Trends with Benefits is a TBS TV show that talks about all sorts of trending and hot topics.  So in a marriage of the trendy and those who talk about the trendy, Push Start Got a little airtime on Trends with Benefits.  You’ll notice the video was shot at one of their dinners, which took place in and at The Stacks Lofts on Boulevard.  Seems cool … right?


[via twb website]

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  1. Looks like that is actually at their space at The Goat Farm.  Glad to see them get some exposure.  I went to one of the dinners a couple of months ago and it was such a great experience.  

    • Thanks for reading Matt, I just watched the video again and it actually seems like it’s shot at both the Stacks and at the Goat farm! Nice catch!!! Thanks for reading.

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