A Disturbance In The Force For One Eared Stag [Rumors]

the dining room at the one eared stag

There’s a somewhat frustrating bit of information floating around these days that pertains to One Eared Stag in Inman Park.  The restaurant, which features food from Robert Phalen and currently occupies the space of the fondly remembered Shaun’s, might be going away.  The supposed end of days is set for the tail of February.  Details after the jump!

I did try playing the journalist even though I’m not one when I contacted Zoe Cernut, one of One Eared Stag’s owners.  When asked if SHE had any comment about the closing, I got this response back:

Hi Foodie Buddah [sic],

None really as that is not true I am one of the business partners.
Thank you for your concern and have a great day


While the press machine has started to speak highly of Phalen’s work at 1ES (he is getting some serious award consideration as we speak), I’ve heard that the restaurant is sucking wind more often than they can handle (from a financial perspective).

But the real issue for me here is this: it is another bad sign for Atlanta dining.  Even if it doesn’t come to be, the mere fact that there is some legitimacy to these unconfirmed claims is disturbing.  The restaurant is less than a year old after all.

I have seen growth at 1ES since my first impression.  Admittedly, it’s still not up to snuff compared to restaurants outside our geographic area, but Stag is certainly good enough to cut it here.  If we can’t make these restaurants work, we’re destined to live in a city run by The Wizard of Oz.  Once you pull away that curtain, you see there’s just not a lot to it all.

So is 1ES absolutely positively closing at the end of February?  I don’t know.  But it is definitely a real possibility.

* apologies on identifying Zoe Cernut as a male. That was simply a typo as she is very much a she.

One Eared Stag Address & Information

1029 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30307 · view map
404.230.6177 · · menu
Cuisine: American, Farm to Table · Price Range: $$
@OneEaredStag · facebook

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  1. As previously stated we are NOT CLOSING. Thx for your positive news to the Atlanta food scene and your free press

    • Sorry if you think my duty is to go around and say nice things.  It’s not.  As I said in the post, I hope your food continues to get better (as it has during my follow up visits).  You have little to gain by taking pot shots at me.  If you aren’t being sarcastic, then pardon my misinterpretation.


  2. dear foodie butthead: im a bartender at one eared stag and as chef stated below, we are NOT closing…rumors should be more thoroughly checked and investigated before posting such a story that could endanger mine and fellow co-workers livelihoods.  business and press is good at one eared stag (not 1ES, yuck) and we have a loyal and diverse regular neighborhood clientele.  so, as stated before, thanks for the free press and we look forward to seeing you soon mr. buddha.  

  3. Oh… Fattie Buddha oops… I meant Foodie Buddha… Why in the world would you start such a terrible rumor? Is it because you are so bored with your life and have no friends? Therefore, you feel you must bring negativity into others lives.
    The Stag is an EXCELLENT Restaurant with a GREAT looking space. The food is FANTASTIC and has gotten nothing but good reviews. The Wine list is very much up to par. Especially, the BTB (I am certain you don’t know this but that means By the bottle)prices. Wont find such fine wines priced so nicely anywhere else in town. They have a nice beer selection and a delicious cocktail list.
    I know from experience that the Owner/Manager thrives on giving EXCELLENT service and keeping their staff very well trained and educated on food and wine(coming from you though it would be whine). Phalen, takes MUCH and I mean MUCH PRIDE in his food. He prides himself by using only the most LOCAL,ORGANIC,SEASONAL and FARM RAISED ingredients available. You will not find anything canned or jarred in his pantry….unless, of course he did it himself.

    Robert,Zoe and Chef are very much involved in the neighborhoods (meaning Holy TACO too…Yes,I know. You think thats a stupid name)By having fundraisers Toys for Tots and Springvale park just to name a few. They also are very much involved with helping and rescuing dogs.I would say the community very much admires them and their involvement.

    That being said… I am sure you wont post this because you are so very sensitive. I just think you should know starting NEGATIVE RUMORS like that is very unwarranted and unfair. I suggest you go somewhere nice and warm and meditate for some time and regain some positive energy and learn to spread that around instead.

    • Just for the record I am NOT and employee of either Establishment. I am just a Local,Loyal, Observant customer that just happens to be in the Service Industry.

  4. rumors are just that, RUMORS. they should left that way and not be posted to the public. end

  5. Surely, if 3 employees at the venue including the owner correct you, shouldn’t you edit the post? You heard a rumor that turned out not to be true. The owner has confirmed the venue isn’t closing. So the words “So is 1ES absolutely positively closing at the end of February?  I don’t know.  But it is definitely a real possibility.” is incorrect. You DO know that they are not closing at the end of February because the owner told you they weren’t. Why don’t you update the post?

    • Hi AMG,
      I’m not sure what you expect me to edit.  The public statements made by the bartender and the chef simply reiterate what the owner said.  Those comments alone aren’t going to make me redact anything I’ve written.  Had I initially ignored the restaurant’s position (that they aren’t closing), then there would be something to change.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts,

  6. I was in there this past weekend and the place was packed. We enjoyed it and hope it stays open for years to come. 

  7. Had brunch last Sunday – they nailed it.  Without a doubt, my new favorite brunch spot in Atlanta.  Try the chef’s breakfast, it was amazing.  I have been going to OES since it opened and they are for sure on the right track (fingers crossed).  

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