Warren Bruno of Atkins Park & Ormsby’s Has Died

warren bruno

Warren Bruno has passed.  Bruno, who founded Atkins Park in 1983 and Ormsby’s just a few years back, was a vibrant participant in Atlanta’s restaurant and social scene.  Bruno succumbed this AM after a long battle with cancer.  No word yet on services, tributes, and so forth … but that should come to light soon.  RIP Warren.

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  1. Aunt Charlies was my favorite place to go and have a beer with friends. Warren always had a smile on, even when we (Renegades Rugby Team) got a “little” out of control.
    Cheers, Bo Howard

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with the Atkins Park crew, his wife and family.  He was a wonderful, nice man – and will be missed.

  3. So sorry to hear about the passing of Warren… I’m a member of the Emory Head & Neck Cancer Support Group &  it is very sad to know we’ve lost someone from the same thing we have been able to survive from..
     The fight never ends for anyone who has had this awful type of cancer…
     My condolences to his family & friends… Paula Caray

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