About Foodie Buddha


Q: What makes me qualified to write this blog?
A: I really like food and I’ve been eating all my life.

Q: Is that my real answer?
A: No, but I thought it was funny.

Q: So what’s my real answer?
A: In addition to learning how to cook from my restaurateur grandfather, I have dabbled in the restaurant community.  More importantly, I’ve been fortunate enough to eat in some of the finest restaurants throughout the United States (and a few other places).  As luck would have it, I’ve been shown a few tricks from a handful of well regarded chefs (and no – not during cooking classes).  I guess it is also worth mentioning that I happen to have a decent palate (aka – I’m not bad at picking out ingredients simply through taste).


Other stuff:
Least Favorite Food: broccoli
Favorite Food: Anything that isn’t broccoli.

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