Everything You Wanted To Know About Beer [In Pictures]

I love learning … and I love it when there are lots of pictures to make the reading more enjoyable.  Thanks to some very crafty folk over at the Oatmeal, we now have a picture-book-like … Read more →

The Flaw In Wine Ratings Perks The Wall Street Journal

Wine ratings are highly controversial to say the least.  At their core, the ratz seem like a great idea.  They take something that isn’t standardized and provide people with a measurable way of differentiating it … Read more →

Chinese/Yixing Pee-Pee Boy Doesn’t Actually Make Your Tea Taste Like Pee [Laugh Of The Day]

If you know me, you know I love tea … particularly Rooibos (pronounced ROY-Boss), keep that in mind as you progress through this rant.  Last night, over a very kick ass glass of Earl Grey … Read more →

Take A Gander At The Other Atlanta Wine Blogger

Though you may not know it, Atlanta is home to more than one blog that focuses on wine.  With all the love being doled out over my good buddy HW, I thought it might be … Read more →

Dirty South Wine Goes Top 10

Congratulations to the one, the only Hardy Wallace.  Hardy, the sommelier over at Dirty South Wine, recently entered the Murphy-Goode Winery dream job.  The competition has been fierce, and after laying the smack down on … Read more →

You Drunk My Battleship: Tony Harion And The Coolest Drinking Game … EVER!

Thank you Mr. Harion.  Tony (aka Mauricio) has just put together the best drinking game in the history of drinking games.  Take one part childhood memories and mix it with one part adult debauchery … … Read more →

Get Fit … Then Drink More Beer [Laugh Of The Day]

So this just in, apparently – it’s a good thing to drink beer after you exercise.  Yeah, sounds screwy … I know.  According to researchers at Granada University (that’s in Spain ya’ll), a pint of … Read more →

Go Go Hardy Go!!!!

In the last 24-hours, Hardy Wallace [of Dirty South Wine and Goode To Be First fame] has pulled an Inspector Gadget and surged into first place in the quest for his dream job.  Some 25 … Read more →

Greg Best Of Holeman And Finch: One Of America’s Best Mixologists

Greg Best just made Playboy.  Don’t worry folks, Greg doesn’t appear in his skimpies.  No, in this case, Mr. Best was just named one of Playboy’s 10-best mixologists.  A co-owner of my favorite watering hole, … Read more →

Fat Tire Rolls Into Atlanta At Hop City Beer [New Belgium Beer]

Fat Tire roles into Atlanta … get it? HA! I kill me.  Okay, so bad humor aside, this should be of interest to you who sip the suds.  Three new Belgian beers showed up this … Read more →