Richard Blais Offering Up Boutique Tastings … Details Inside

This may be the type of thing that is already passé by the time you see this.  Heck, this may be done before I finish getting this post up.  According to his facebook status, Richard … Read more →

Eat Better & Feel Better, Atlanta Style

So with the release of Food 101, I think now is as good a time as any to share some more healthy eating tips.  Enter Feel Nutrition, an Atlanta based nutrition and holistic website.  Run … Read more →

More on Meat: Meat Grades And Explaining Various Cooking Temperatures

The more I eat out, the more surprised I am at the inability for chefs to demonstrate one of the most important, yet basic, aspects of cooking: proper understanding of the cooking temperature of meat. … Read more →

Stone Ground Grits With Kevin Rathbun On The Today Show

Recently, Atlanta super chef Kevin Rathbun made an appearance over on the Today Show.  He offered to serve up some piping hot grits!  They flashed a recipe up for a short bit.  I’ve posted that … Read more →

More On Knife Sharpening

Follow up to How to Sharpen A Knife: A Good Demonstration To be honest the home cook rarely needs to sharpen (once to twice a year for even the most active home cooks) — if … Read more →

Shared Kitchens In Suwanee, GA Looks Like A Winner

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon  In the spirit of ecological friendliness, I think the idea of a communal kitchen is both practical and cool.  I sent the Julie Farr, the owner, an … Read more →

Want To Be The Next Richard Blais? Get Your Top Chef On! Auditions At Craft Atlanta

Have dreams of unseating Richard Blais as celebrity chef in ATL?  Here is your chance.  Planning for season six of “Top Chef” has kicked into high gear.  In that spirit, they have issued a press … Read more →

Atlanta Cooking Classes: Eggrolls N’ Sweet Tea

I recently received an email from one Natalie Keng in which she announced an upcoming, two-part culinary adventure.  Natalie, accompanied by her mother Margaret, offers these educational experiences from time to time.  This is not … Read more →

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