Shit Bartenders Say

Service interruption: While y’all slept and we threw down at a couple of Midtown saloons with two very large ladies [*wink*], my server crashed … so apologies there. That aside, it’s obvious that I’m a … Read more →

Braille Burgers At Wimpy [Ideas In Awesome]

For some unexplained reason, blindness and food have popped up a couple of times in my life over the past few weeks.  It started when I happened upon a couple of blind foodies who romp … Read more →

Concrete Wine: It Tastes Sooo Good [Laugh of the Day]

A fine wine might impart images of palatial estates and smells of aromatic fruits and spices.  It might offer a demonstrative mid-palate and a finish of rich chocolates.  Then again, it might remind you of … Read more →

America’s Best New Mixologist: Andy Samberg

America’s hottest new mixologist/bartender/alcohol concocter or whatever you want to call it is actually Andy Samdberg, who’s been spotted working at Mint in Portland.  Dude knows how to use the egg shells to get that … Read more →

How To Serve Ice Cream Like A Boss

Just some dudes at a Cold Stone Creamery in Dubai mixing and tricking out the ice cream. [youtube=!?rel=0] [via reddit]

Who Are The Chefs? [Laugh of the Day]

It’s Sunday Funday, so let’s kickback.  Here’s an awesome Super Bowl ad from back in the day. It’s a Snickers commercial, so that qualifies with this guy as a food related topic!!! Cheers! [youtube=]

Bad Ass Blind Foodies: Food Criticism Like You’ve Never Seen

Here’s a little video from Tommy Edison, a blind guy who shows us once again that blind people really don’t have the limitations many think they do! I know a lot of people that say … Read more →

28 Drinks Later [Laugh of the Day]

Comedian Nick Swardson was kind enough to document what happens in the event you consume 28 boozerific drinks.  Basically, your world will turn into a zombie like movie filled with a bunch of booze hounds.  … Read more →

Just A Hilarious Burrito Sign

I’ll be back in full form soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious “in queso trouble, pray to cheesus” sign. [via reddit]

Dude! [Laugh of the Day]

There may be nothing more engaging than a great advertisement.  These small and rare acts of brilliance are like little windows into a common understanding.  While I don’t drink beer, I sure as hell find … Read more →