Push Start Kitchen Gets Some TV Time

Push Start Kitchen is one of a handful of supper clubs that operate in and around Atlanta.  Trends with Benefits is a TBS TV show that talks about all sorts of trending and hot topics.  … Read more →

H+F’s Greg Best: The Role of the Social Chemist

A little ways back, TED.com had a little event here in Atlanta called TEDx.  I’ve talked about Ted.com on here a bunch, so I’ll spare you all the background.  But suffice it to say, TED … Read more →

Moto’s Homaro Cantu & Ben Roche Talk Sustainable Food Science

When discussions of deconstructed food and molecular gastronomy occur, rarely do concepts like sustainability come to mind.  People (like me), who eat food from the admittedly quirky chefs that make these whacky concoctions, are almost … Read more →

Martini Assures Us That Luck Is An Attitude

Luck is an attitude … and this little “what if” commercial shows why.   Why did I post this on a food blog? Because it’s an advertisement for Martini.  Mmmm …  The spot is about two-minutes … Read more →

Meanwhile In Asia [Laugh of the Day]

Spread Your Ketchup Like A Boss [Laugh of the Day]

So this is something called the automato.  Apparently, it’s for spreading ketchup.  It kinda rules … wonder how it would do with some Mrs. Butterworth’s instead of Heinz. [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcniyQYFU6M#!]

Introducing: Brunchables

If you’re not buying your kids brunchables, you are a bad person.  I can’t decide if I’m a fan of the fresh radicchio, kale, couscous, & salsa verde (with a mimosa of course) or the … Read more →

Yoda’s Favorite Cup Noodle

I, along with nearly every college student in the history of history, have an affinity for ramen’s dear cousin: the cup noodle.  I take particular interest in those crazy Japanese and their ability to get … Read more →

Superman Pizza Slice

Superman’s weakness may be kryptonite and now my weakness may be a slice of pepperoni pizza.  Ladies and Germs – I present to you, the Superman Slice!!!  Check out all the delicious food porn on … Read more →

Just Put The Fucking Turkey In The Oven

How to cook a Turkey Thanksgiving posts are lame.  Seriously … has there been any major breakthrough in Turkey Day technology whereby last year’s “So awesome you’ll never need another turkey recipe” is somehow out … Read more →