A Guide To Ordering Tuna Sushi

It’s a safe bet that next time you sit down to a sushi dinner, tuna consumption will be imminent.  Soon you will have to navigate words and phrases like toro, chu-toro, o-toro, maguro, akami, and … Read more →

Top Chef Texas: Quinceañera – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

A quinceañera, the title for this weeks episode of Top Chef Texas, is a Latin America party celebrated in countries up and down Central and South America.  The impetus behind the celebration is a girl’s15th … Read more →

Seared Salmon with Sweet Curry Couscous [Recipe]

Recently, a friend tasked me to find her a grilled salmon recipe that used something sweet to accent the fish.  A little googling turned up a Salmon of the Americas cooking contest from a few … Read more →

Top Chef Texas: The Heat Is On – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

                                                                                                                 courtesy toughkidcst on flickr People expect the chefs and cooks who appear on Top Chef to do things most home cooks can’t do.  This season of Top Chef Texas has started off notably restrained … Read more →

Top Chef Texas: Premier – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

Last night, as the premier episode of Top Chef Texas came to a close, there was a collective grunt in the world of the food literati. Not always known for their technical prowess, writers everywhere … Read more →

Make Your McRib Fancy

image courtesy of FancyFastFood.com McDonald’s decision to bring back the McRib has absolutely inundated food news over the past few days.  Even mainstream media lamed things up with their coverage and there has been a … Read more →

21 Club Caesar Salad [Recipe]

Caesar Salad recipe adapted from The “21” Cookbook (buy on Amazon) Caesar dressing recipes are as ubiquitous as any.  Everyone has their way of doing it and many will debate the merits of one version … Read more →

Callie’s Biscuits: Newell Tested, Buddha Approved

Last night, while most of you were sleeping, I was several libations deep in the sounds of Truth & Salvage Company.  While that may or may not interest you (as T&S does rock), what should … Read more →

Cooking Comically: Pancakes Never Tasted So Sexy

Forget JT, Tyler Capps is the dude who has been bringing sexy back.  His Cooking Comically website may just be the best new recipe site on the web.  A little over a month ago, Capps … Read more →

Bacon Pancakes [Recipes]

I hate bacon.  I don’t really mean bacon itself, rather … I hate what has become of bacon.  It’s everywhere and it’s Benton’s fault!  Still, when I found this recipe for bacon strip pancakes, I … Read more →