Hop City Beer And Wine Opens In The Brickworks … Free Drinks Tomorrow!!!!

Hot on the tails of the newest 5 Seasons location, Hop City Beer is opening in the Brickworks, that new complex over on the West End of the city.  Though I’m not a beer fan … Read more →

Is It Cost Effective To Brew Your Own Beer?

There are tons of websites out there dedicated to home brewing.  A few days ago, SimpleDollar.com posted an in depth Walkthrough and Cost Breakdown of Brewing Your Own Beer.  I’ve never ventured down this road, … Read more →

Second Coolest Beer Bottle Video Ever

To be honest, this doesn’t get that interesting until a minute or so into it… but I didn’t want to jump ahead. Not bad huh?  Oh yeah, here’s the coolest video ever (except with wine … Read more →

Two Atlanta Pubs Amongst Nations Best Places To Grab A Beer!!!!

Beer drinkers in Atlanta have it pretty good if you ask me! Even I, a sucker for the hard stuff, can appreciate the weekly gatherings held at SweetWater Brewery. Well, it does not stop there. … Read more →