Midtown’s Chocolate Pink Shutters Its Doors [Dead Pool]

Chocolate Pink, a Midtown dessert shop, is closing its doors after roughly 5-years in the game.  It’s not a complete shock as that strip of businesses has seen more than a few restaurants go by … Read more →

Dwight Schrute Cake [That’s What She Baked]

Rainn Wilson never looked so delicious.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Cari Barocas gives you Dwight Cake Schrute … in the batter: Yes, ‘round these parts the dear Barocas is The Mad Batter and Mix Master B … Read more →

Three On The Tree Frozen Yogurt– Sandy Springs, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

When most people in Atlanta hear the name Clay Harper, they think of the Mexi-Za restaurant duet of La Fonda and Fellini’s.  As chance would have it, we fine folk now have a whole other … Read more →

Giant Octopus Cake: 200LBs Of Edible Art [Molluscs]

So in my spare time, I like to browse the internet.  Shocking, I Know.  Well, during a little R&D, I came across this this monstrosity on flickr!  That’s right folks, it’s 200lbs of edible octopus.  … Read more →

Orleagian Snowballs: Bouncing Here And There And Everywhere [Street Food]

Gummy Bears!  You know them, you love them, and you still eat them.  Their TV show rocked mad musical beats, and all you want to do is pop them like the pills.  But why eat … Read more →

Atlanta Sweeteries All Over Food & Wine Magazine In September

One of the strange little developments of these here internets is the propensity for print content to show up online before it shows up in the stores.  Next month’s issue of Food & Wine Magazine … Read more →

Pie Cake: Cherpumple Pie [Laugh Of The Day]

A little treat before I sit down to watch Top Chef in preparation for this weeks What Ingredient Was That? Here we have a three-layer pie/cake filled with cherry, pumpkin, and apple pie.  Better known … Read more →

Bakeshop Bakery Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

Somewhat beneath the surface, just under the wave of pizzerias and the influx of burger joints, Atlanta’s bakery scene is seeing an infusion of new life.  With establishments like Bakeshop in Midtown leading the way, … Read more →

Vanilla Malt Whoppers Popsicle … Burger King Never Had It This Good

Most of the time, when someone mentions the word Whopper to me … I think of this: Now, I’ll think of this: Creamy crunchy and just damn good … that’s the vanilla malt popsicle with … Read more →

Sugar Sugar Says: “Let Them Eat Cake”

I’d like to think that I do a pretty good job of discovering cool things around the Atlanta food scene.  However, when I stumble upon someone who has roughly twice the following than I do, … Read more →