Mmmmmm…. Krystal Burgers: Homer Simpson Never Had It So Good – Fast Food Restaurant Chain, Atlanta, GA

Overall:[rating:2.5] Fresh, Hot, Small, Square! Homer Simpson has seriously missed out.  I’m sure Krusty Burgers are just fine and all – but the idea that the American icon has been robbed of his chance to … Read more →

News That Doesn’t Shock: Restaurants Are In Trouble

At this point, this just seems like piling it on.  Another day passes, another story is released lamenting the woes of said industry.  Yesterday, our beloved food industry, specifically the restaurants, took the predictable shot … Read more →

Fast Food Gets A Makeover And Goes Fancy On [Laugh Of The Day]

We all know how bad fast food is for us.  We also know how good things can look on TV even if they don’t look good in real life.  In that spirit, a website out … Read more →

The Definitive Guide To Ordering (And Eating) At The Varsity

As a compendium to What’ll Ya have?, I wanted to follow up with this handy little guide.  The Varsity has developed its own unique terminology for a number of items on their menu.  Here they … Read more →

What’ll Ya Have? The Varsity Restaurant Review – Downtown, Atlanta, GA

Overall:[rating:2] Alright Missy, you win! Grease pit or fast food heaven? Atlanta institution or eye sore? Classically decorated or more dated than Mick Jagger in hot pants?  The Varsity, or more simplistically: The V, seems … Read more →

Chick-Fil-A First 100 Promotion: Almost Worth The Drive To Monroe On March 18

Thanks to an email, I think I have stumbled upon the coolest promotion ever! (Doesn’t it seem like I say that a lot?).  Moving on … Chick-fil-A has a habit of giving away free food … Read more →

Latressa Goodman And Her McNuggets: The 911 Fast Food Emergency

I’m pissed that I had a lot of work to do the past couple of days.  I wanted to write this post as soon as this story hit the Smoking Gun; unfortunately, I did not … Read more →

Steak ’N Shake Promotion: 15 cent Steakburgers

So in an attempt to destroy the collective health of a city, all 20 Atlanta area Steak’N Shake restaurants are running a pretty slick promotion.  Details from the Atlanta Business Chronicle are as follows: Metro … Read more →