Flip Burger Boutique To Expand

As Jimmy divulged, Richard Blais announced via twitter that three more Flip locations will open soon.  There is no word yet on whether these are traditional franchise locations, or something else. Word (via Richard and … Read more →

Rodell Visits Flip Burger Boutique

Atlanta’s most notable restaurant launch in the last few years has hit the Omnivore blog.  I dropped in for a short note, but wanted to elaborate further here. It is clear that the menu will … Read more →

Hervé This Deflates A Myth: Salt Does Not Dissolve in Oil

No, the title of this post is not some grammatical bastardization of the English language.  Hervé This is a person, and an important person at that – especially in the world of foodies.  A French … Read more →

A Blais of Glory: Kessler follows Chef Richard Blais

John Kessler, one of the longtime food critics from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, gave us a recap of Chef Richard Blais’ “hyperactive nine-year career in Atlanta restaurants.” LINKY

Flip Burger Boutique Restaurant Review, West End – Atlanta, GA

After putting together several informal reviews of Flip, Atlanta’s newest culinary darling, I have finally elected to write a full review. I have now had three meals here inside of two-weeks and I have a … Read more →