Hulu’s Food & Leisure Channel: A Foodies Worst Nightmare

Yesterday, I mentioned how online media portal added Martin Yan’s Hong Kong to their repertoire.  Today, I figured that I might as well expand on that post just a bit.  If you don’t spend … Read more →

Watch Richard Blais & Eli Kirshtein Take On Mario Batali On Iron Chef America [Repeats]

Get your DVRs ready for Saturday afternoon.  Long before he graced our screen as the darling of Top Chef, Atlanta’s own Richard Blais showed up TV sets across the states on an episode of the … Read more →

Tryouts For The Next Food Network Star Hitting Atlanta

Got a vivacious personality?  Love food? Want to be a TV star?  If the answer to those questions is yes; then here is your chance to be the next Guy Fieri.  Food Network’s “The Next … Read more →

Food Network’s Sandra Lee Is A Dirty Dirty Girl [Laugh Of The Day]

It’s late Friday and I’m actually home for once.  That leaves me to my own devices with plenty of time to scour my RSS feed of unread material.  Here’s one thing that turned up the … Read more →

JCT Kitchen Goes Bacon On Food Network Tonight At 9:30

On tonight’s episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate, you’ll get a chance to see the “Angry Mussels” from JCT Kitchen. [Yes … the same dish that I recently said “squeaks by meekly”]  While … Read more →

Holeman & Finch Continues To Flex It’s Burger Muscle [Quick Hits]

A good burger isn’t hard to find … a great burger is! Somewhat out of character for us, Atlanta actually has it’s fair share of top notch burger joints.  While the best burger in town … Read more →

One Step Closer To Ditching Cable: Food Network TV Online

Since my idiotic property managers require me to pay $45/month for cable, I still can’t ditch my cable.  That said, you probably can! Well … almost.  I would say we’re just a BravoTV and PBS … Read more →