5 Seasons Brewing Company Restaurant Review: Still Stale And Annoying – Midtown, Atlanta

Overall:[rating:0] Despite my initial impression of 5 Seasons Brewing Company over in Midtown, Atlanta, I was both willing and able to make a return visit.  In the two months since, I’ve made three return trips.  … Read more →

5 Seasons Brewing Company Opens In Midtown; Fries My Grits And Screws Up Epically [First Impressions]

Check the right hand side … that’s a little eye candy for all you ladies.  Sorry girls, that’s @holtlyda and he is indeed, off the market.  Meanwhile, a conversation at 5 Seasons Brewing Company: Oliver … Read more →

Holeman & Finch Celebrates 1-Year In Style: Goes Top 50 … Meanwhile – Soto Goes Neener Neener

Dropped in at Holeman & Finch on Tuesday night.  As luck would have it – they were serving up an anniversary.  To celebrate the occasion, there was a special pork belly + coleslaw slider on … Read more →

Five Seasons Brewing Company In Midtown Atlanta Scheduled For April 1st Opening Date

5 Seasons Brewing Co., the multi-location Atlanta pub, is expanding.  The new spot, dubbed 5 Seasons Westside, is slated to open April 1st at the corner of Marietta St and Howell Mill.  This will be … Read more →

First Impressions: Leon’s Full Service Restaurant Review – Decatur, GA

Even before the kitchen opened to the public, Leon’s Full Service endeared itself to the Decatur dining scene.  The new pub, operated by the same people who run The Brick Store (internal), decided to assist … Read more →

First Impressions: The Book House Pub – Poncey-Highlands, Atlanta, GA

-“Leslie is out of town, want to go get buck crazy?” -“For realz, let’s do it!” Okay, so maybe that isn’t exactly how things transpired; and no, we did not hit the bottle hardcore on … Read more →