Woodfire Grill Restaurant Review – Cheshire Bridge, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

Nestled amongst Atlanta’s stretch of tasseled "thingies” and institutional eateries is one of the best examples of contemporary American cuisine this side of the Mason-Dixon.  Chef Kevin Gillespie, still shy of 30-years-old, has taken Woodfire … Read more →

Herve This Launches His Molecular Gastronomy Website

Hervé This is the man who took science and applied it to food.  The easiest way to explain him to the local folk is like this: No Hervé This means no Richard Blais.  As the … Read more →

A Little On Molecular Cooking (AKA Molecular Gastronomy)

From Hervé This to Ferran Adrià to our own Richard Blais, science in the kitchen is all the rage.  Though molecular cooking finds its’ roots in molecular gastronomy, the two phrases have become synonymous with … Read more →

Tokyo Taste 2009 – Another Exciting Out Of Town Event

I love to hear about all the international conventions going on!  I am never able to attend, so I basically get the neener-neener feeling by simply visiting the website of the offending event!  That said, … Read more →

Molecular Mayonnaise

Here is a cool little a video featuring French physical chemist Hervé This (internal).  Next time you want mayonnaise, don’t go to the store and buy it – MAKE IT!!! It’s super easy and you … Read more →

Hervé This Deflates A Myth: Salt Does Not Dissolve in Oil

No, the title of this post is not some grammatical bastardization of the English language.  Hervé This is a person, and an important person at that – especially in the world of foodies.  A French … Read more →