Barker’s Red Hots … Get A Hot Dog … Or Two – Marietta, GA [Quick Hits]

You know… they tell me that reading is fundamental.  I should have listened to what they said!!!!  To clarify, today’s lunch destination was supposed to be JOËL.  Had I took the time to read (or … Read more →

The Coolest Hot Dog In A Bun EVER [Laugh Of The Day]

After the turtle burger, I thought I had seen it all!  Well, Johanna Wilhelm has something to say about that!  Enter … the PUPPY DOG!!!!! Awesome! Truly, truly … AWESOME!   Technorati Tags: hot dogs,funny,puppies,cute

Ann’s Snack Shop Gets More National Love

We all know the legend!  Ms. Ann runs a tight ship.  She’s gotten love from many of the top food publications, the Wall Street Journal, and now … CNN.  Deemed one of Five Tasty Burger … Read more →

Swiss Hot Dog Company In Avon, Co [Out Of Town]

Most everyone who has dropped in on the bustling town of Vail, Colorado remembers the Swiss Hot Dog Company.  The casual eatery had been a fixture in Lionshead for the past couple of decades.  A … Read more →

The Definitive Guide To Ordering (And Eating) At The Varsity

As a compendium to What’ll Ya have?, I wanted to follow up with this handy little guide.  The Varsity has developed its own unique terminology for a number of items on their menu.  Here they … Read more →

What’ll Ya Have? The Varsity Restaurant Review – Downtown, Atlanta, GA

Overall:[rating:2] Alright Missy, you win! Grease pit or fast food heaven? Atlanta institution or eye sore? Classically decorated or more dated than Mick Jagger in hot pants?  The Varsity, or more simplistically: The V, seems … Read more →

Quick Hits: Ann’s Snack Shop – The Mellowing Of The Burger Meanie

My first trip, circa 2003, to Ann’s Snack Shop (internal), was as memorable as it could get.  Given the absence of great Atlanta food blogs at the time, I had no idea what to expect.  … Read more →

Cooking in the World of Star Wars: X-Wings and Hot Dogs

I have to tell you, nothing comes between a Star Wars nerd junky and his/her collectibles …  not time, not space, and certainly not money.  I’ve seen Star Wars collectibles sell for many many many … Read more →