Star Provisions

Lobster bique @starprovisions #HotSoupColdDay //

Hae Woon Dae BBQ

Hae mui pajun :: seafood & scallion #Korean pancake #KoreanBBQ //

Miller Union

Mind exploded :: @millerunionchef fried chicken & housemade andouille #gumbo paired w. @maccado 2012 Gut Hermannsberg Riesling //

Last Word

Good Samaritan :: rye, gran classico, dolin dry, orange bitters #Nightcap #Booze #Cocktails #InmanPark //

Sushi House Hayakawa

Omakase starter #Sushi //

Bell Street Burritos

It’s painstakingly obvious that anyone who can finish a Bell St. xtra-large burrito in a single sitting deserves a medal. This thing was literally as big as my head and took 3 meals to finish. … Read more →


Carnitas gorditas #MicDrop w @toddbrock24f7 :: at $3.50 a pop, these things are drive worthy & should be on every best of list in the city //


Point Aux Pins oyster party #Fresh w @doctor_oyster @bryan_t_rackley //

Greenville, AL

Nothing beats a delicious chicken sandwich from a random BBQ joint inside a dilapidated gas station w/ @bryan_t_rackley #RoadTrip //

Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand

Late night quesadilla //