Alex Brounstein Of Grindhouse Killer Burgers: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #9

What better way to start off the new year than with a visit to Inside The Chef’s Kitchen.  Today’s chef du jour is Alex Brounstein of Grindhouse Killer Burgers.  Brounstein and his team, serving up … Read more →

Chef Jay Swift Of 4th And Swift: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #8

I know … I know … many of you were up in arms … angry, confused, and disappointed.  This past Friday, you woke up, grabbed your morning coffee, and opened your browser intent on seeing … Read more →

Chef Shaun Doty Of Shaun’s: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #7

Chef Shaun Doty has long been at the forefront of the Atlanta dining scene.  For the past three-years, he has been the man behind Shaun’s Social Club.  Before that, he headed up things at establishments … Read more →

Chef Jenny Levison Of Souper Jenny: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #6

It’s getting darn cold out there, so what better way to ease the pain of the dropping thermometer than with a visit from Jenny Levison, Atlanta’s soup queen.  [Errr… well, the conversation is nice … … Read more →

Chef Cyrille Holota Of Joel Brasserie: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #5

Something tells me that Cyrille Holota had no idea what was in store for him some years ago.  In the mid-90s, Holota was racking up quit the resume.  After cooking at several different Michelin winning … Read more →

Chef Kevin Gillespie of Woodfire Grill: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #3

If chef Kevin Gillespie is still an unknown to you at this point – I’d be shocked.  Even if you don’t find yourself wrapped up in all things food – he is hard to miss.  … Read more →

James Lipton On Inside The Chef’s Kitchen

When the host of Bravo TV’s Inside the Actor’s Studio heard that the highly regarded Foodie Buddha was doing a food series inspired by his TV show … he jumped at the opportunity to participate.  … Read more →

Chef Keira Moritz: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #2

After a week of being under the weather, it’s time that we get things back up to speed.  Fortunately, today is Friday, and that means another edition of Inside The Chef’s Kitchen.  Since this is … Read more →

Chef Ryan Hidinger: Inside The Chef’s Kitchen #1

So today is the debut of Inside The Chef’s Kitchen.  If you want some background on the series, check out the introductory post from a few days back. For our premier post, we managed to … Read more →

Introducing Atlanta’s “Inside The Chef’s Kitchen”

As bloggers, we all try and do something to stand out.  Creative juices flow and the result are things like Tami’s Eat On 30, Jimmy’s pizza thang, and Kessler’s new found 30 in 30 (note: … Read more →