No Bollito Misto For You!

So the Ambiguously Foodie Duo hit La Pietra Cucina for lunch today.   Meal was really tasty.  I’ll leave it to Jimmy to give you guys the full recap.  As a note, despite multiple sources informing … Read more →

Required Eating: La Pietra Cucina Next Week

Okay, so here I am … all cool and down with the latest and greatest news around Atlanta.  So sure, I should be working right now…and sure … everyone knows about the James Beard Awards; … Read more →

Great Italian Recipes from Babbo NYC

People who know me are aware of my love for good Italian food.  Mario Batali is one of the more well known executers of that fine cuisine.  In addition, he helped craft the talents of … Read more →

La Pietra Cucina Restaurant Review – Midtown, Atlanta, GA

Overall: [rating:3] Over the past year and change, Atlanta has lost a number of its’ most well respected chefs.  Joël Antunes left for the bright lights of New York, Guenter Seeger ran off into oblivion, … Read more →

Be Back In a Jiffy

Sorry for the drop off in posts.  I had to rebuild my laptop yesterday … hopefully I’ll be back later today.  I promise, it’ll be no later than tomorrow.  I have several posts planned for … Read more →

FoodieBuddha 2008 Atlanta Restaurant of the Year: Sushi House Hayakawa – Chamblee, Atlanta, GA

I am not so brazen as to assume that my word carries with it the clout that a post from someone like Jennifer Zyman or Cliff Bostock carries.  That aside, I do feel comfortable enough … Read more →