Pizza At Walmart: The Pizza Box Is Surprisingly Sustainable [Sustainability]

Pizza is the hot-button topic of Atlanta’s food scene.  Walmart is the hot-button corporation of the American business scene.  Now, these two have come together for surprisingly pleasant results.  The mega-chain is now a ubiquitous … Read more →

Max’s Coal Oven Pizza Restaurant Review – Downtown, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

In any other city, or even at any other time in Atlanta, Max’s Coal Oven Pizza would have a fighting chance.  Fair or not, two or three names have dominated our pizzascape during the last … Read more →

Serious Eats And John Kessler Talk Atlanta, Pizza Wars, & More

Last week, I mentioned that a well respected NYC foodie and a local heavyweight were scampering around town to try some of the best Atlanta has to offer.  Yesterday, Ed Levine, the NYC dude of … Read more →

The Big Apple Hits ATL In Search Of Delicious Pizza [Rumors]

Okay gang, this is really just a teaser post to get your whistles wet.  The details are this: a well-known NYC foodie hit town this week and that has been confirmed by at least four … Read more →

Antico Pizza Napoletana Trends Like Twitter – Midtown, Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

A little over a week ago, as I scuttled home from the office, I took an unusual turn down Hemphill Ave.  Traffic was thick, and I like to keep moving.  So down the side streets … Read more →

A Visit To Atlanta Pizza Power: Drop In At Fritti – Inman Park [Quick Hits]

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday and today.  Real life beckons when you’ve been on the lamb for a few weeks.  Still, I’ve managed to get back into the foodie thing with my return … Read more →

More National Press For Atlanta’s Most Discussed Pizza Restaurant

Varasano’s Pizzeria is in the news yet again.  This time, MSN City Guides is the culprit.  Yesterday, they did an article on the movement in the industry toward top notch crusts.  Does it surprise anyone … Read more →

Rosa’s Pizza Gone For The Holiday

Today, I had a hankerin’ for some greasy pizza.  A trip downtown to visit Rosa’s Pizza was in order.  We pulled up and found a parking spot right in front … score!  The line was … Read more →

What The *Fudge* Is A Pizza Puda?

Apparently a Pizza Puda (plural being Pizza Pudas) is this nasty looking thing: Technorati Tags: instructables,instructions,pizza,pizza puda

Buckhead Pizza Co. Restaurant Review In Atlanta, GA [First Impressions]

It’s a holiday weekend, so this will be a real quick post: no pictures, no elaborate descriptions, no pomp or circumstance.  Family Buddha decided to go grab some lunch on Friday.  On a recommendation, we … Read more →

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