Eat Your Dog: A Late Night Thought Piece On Sustainability

If you don’t know that most anything can be proven in a study, now is the time to realize that seemingly absolute truth.  Keeping that in mind, I do love it when people basically stick … Read more →

One Man’s Perspective On The Locavore Movement Gets Contentious

Late last month, writer Tom Keane contributed a piece to the Boston Globe.  The topic at hand was the effect of the local food movement and some of the adverse consequences when one’s dietary constitution … Read more →

Watch Robert Kenner; Attend Food, Inc. Mixer With Rogue Apron; Then Make Some Changes

Originally, I was simply going to make this a “follow up” post on Food, Inc., that recently released food-centric documentary.  However, director Robert Kenner recently showed up on the Daily Show and  word has spread … Read more →

Get A Sneak Peek At Staplehouse Restaurant

Word travels these days.  Recently, I was turned onto a relatively new supper club by the name of A Prelude To Staple House (alternatively:  Run by Atlanta chef Ryan Hidinger and his boss (echemm… … Read more →

A Sneak Peek At WaterHaven Restaurant In Midtown [Guest Blogger]

Interior & Location: They’ve completely overhauled the interior space. It’s opened up nicely, flows well and is designed to create a calming atmosphere. It’s a much more pleasant interior than the former restaurant (the globe) … Read more →

Louise Fresco Talks About Bread On Ted: Food For The Masses

I’m a huge fan of sustainable, farm-to-table ecosystems (and bad rhymes).  But let’s be honest, who isn’t a fan of the movement?  On paper, most everyone is.  However, one of the big problems with the … Read more →

WaterHaven Gets A Date: Opens May 15 In Midtown, Atlanta

WaterHaven, that new farm to table concept from Joe McCarthy, is set to open at the end of the week.  The restaurant is located in Technology Square in the space formerly home to The Globe.  … Read more →

The Coolest Pizza Box: Sustainable And Functional!

The Enviornmentally Conscious Organization ( creates and patents innovative green packaging solutions.  Their first product is simply the “Green Box,”  a pizza box by day and a sustainably kick ass cardboard contraption by night. The … Read more →

Dan Barber Discusses Humane Foie Gras

Dan Barber is a respected chef.  He’s very big into sustainable food and Blue Hill, his famed restaurant, is actually a part of Blue Hill Farms.  Last year, Barber spoke about Foie Gras, the much … Read more →