Track Atlanta Restaurants And Chefs On Twitter

  Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that I started a twitter list for Atlanta area restaurants, chefs, and other professional foodie personalities.  You can find it here and us it to … Read more →

How To Get Free Music [Late Night Treats]

Those that read this know I’m just a techie moonlighting as a foodie.  Knowing how to download music for free, especially MP3’s, is a hot topic in the technology world these days.  So while I … Read more →

UrbanSpoon Launches Android App [Food + Technology]

While this is a food blog, there is no doubt that the techie in me wants to take every opportunity to drop some nugget of wisdom every once in a blue moon.  Today is just … Read more → Track Your Favorite Food Trucks Online [Websites]

Now this is one hell of a great idea! is a site dedicated to those lovely little food trucks we’ve heard so much about. While these little wandering snack shacks are noticeably absent from … Read more →

Bad Decision Blocker: Phone Apps For The Drunkard In You [Laugh of The Day]

Though slightly off-topic, we here at Foodie Buddha do recognize the symbiotic relationship between drink and morsel.  Hence, this post!  We all know the feeling.  You’ve had a few too many, you’re either completely elated … Read more →

Yelp Pushes The Envelope: Augmented Reality iPhone App And Pissing People Off [Tech]

Yelp! can’t avoid trouble for love or money.  It seems like almost everyday, the hugely popular review site finds itself in some sort of public hot water.  Be it lawsuit, business backlash, or even bribery, … Read more →

Lifehacker’s Online Techie Cookbook

Who says computer geeks can’t cook? is one of my daily reads (as it is for most every other professional in the technology sector).  Every once in a blue moon, they drop something cooking … Read more →

Epicurious Becomes The Next Slave To Apple [And I Still Hate The iPhone]

You can now get Epicurious on your iPhone, that little gadget that seems to do everything but provide good call quality.  Actually, this is pretty much awesome!  Relying on sources like and bon appetit, … Read more →

Foodista Gets Cash, Organizes The International Food Blogger Conference, & Still Fails To Impress

 Foodista is back in the news again.  Last time I checked in, I wasn’t optimistic about the idea of a recipe wiki.  However, a lot has happened in the past few months – but nothing … Read more → Helps Keep Your Food Fresh. Tells You How Long Food Lasts

Well isn’t this just great! Just the other day, I was talking with a friend about how long various types of food lasts. Today, I hear about  The site helps visitors to determine how … Read more →