Top Chef Texas: Higher Steaks – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

No, I didn’t forget to do What Was That Ingredient last week.  I just didn’t do it.  There just wasn’t a single piece of content worth writing about.  Thankfully, this week’s episode of Top Chef … Read more →

Top Chef Texas: Red Hot Chili Cook Off – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

Hi, I’m Foodie Buddha and I’m a hot sauce addict.  Now that that’s out of the way: Top Chef Texas’s latest episode was stuffed with chilis of all types.  The topics du jour were the … Read more →

Ron Swanson’s Food Pyramid of Greatness [Laugh of the Day]

                                                                                                                                       via NYT That infograph above is Park’s and Recreation’s Ron Swanson’s conceptualization of the ideal food pyramid.  While the real food pyramid was actually replaced this year by the MyPlate movement, it’s no surprise … Read more →

Andrew Zimmern’s Appetite For Life Hits Atlanta

A few months ago, TV personality Andrew Zimmern was spotted in both Atlanta and Athens filming segments for a season 3 episode of Appetite For Life.  A4L is an online “TV” show that focuses on … Read more →

Top Chef Texas: Quinceañera – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

A quinceañera, the title for this weeks episode of Top Chef Texas, is a Latin America party celebrated in countries up and down Central and South America.  The impetus behind the celebration is a girl’s15th … Read more →

Top Chef Texas: The Heat Is On – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

                                                                                                                 courtesy toughkidcst on flickr People expect the chefs and cooks who appear on Top Chef to do things most home cooks can’t do.  This season of Top Chef Texas has started off notably restrained … Read more →

Marge Simpson Will Be A Terrible Food Critic

We all know how important it is for a food critic to be anonymous when visiting a restaurant.  So you can imagine my dismay when I first heard that this week’s episode The Simpsons, entitled … Read more →

Top Chef Texas: Premier – What Was That Ingredient? [Buddhacation]

Last night, as the premier episode of Top Chef Texas came to a close, there was a collective grunt in the world of the food literati. Not always known for their technical prowess, writers everywhere … Read more →

Conan O’Brien: World’s Best Chinese Delivery Guy

Talk show host/funny man/sage Conan O’Brien is doing his late night TV show from The Big Apple.  As we all know, New York City is a bubbling metropolis of foodie heaven.  One of the most … Read more →

Top Chef Texas: The Insider’s Guide To Season 9 [TV Shows]

Bravo’s Top Chef TV series is to reality food TV what the Real World is to the genre as a whole.  That is, Top Chef is the longstanding stalwart of the category and the show … Read more →