Take A Gander At The Other Atlanta Wine Blogger

Though you may not know it, Atlanta is home to more than one blog that focuses on wine.  With all the love being doled out over my good buddy HW, I thought it might be … Read more →

All Dirty, All The Time: Atlanta Wine Blogger Hardy Wallace Has Dun Blowed Up

Anyone else think I’ve shoved Hardy Wallace down your throats?  Even if the answer is yes … why don’t you sip on this a bit.  Hardy can now be found on the AJC (here care … Read more →

Wine Is Meant To Be Crunk At Dirty South!

In case ya’ll haven’t visited dirtysouthwine.com, now would be a good time. The guy knows grapes, loves grapes, and talks grapes.  Dirty forgoes the pretentious attitude that seems to go hand in hand with wine.  … Read more →

Hop City Beer And Wine Opens In The Brickworks … Free Drinks Tomorrow!!!!

Hot on the tails of the newest 5 Seasons location, Hop City Beer is opening in the Brickworks, that new complex over on the West End of the city.  Though I’m not a beer fan … Read more →

Second Coolest Beer Bottle Video Ever

To be honest, this doesn’t get that interesting until a minute or so into it… but I didn’t want to jump ahead. Not bad huh?  Oh yeah, here’s the coolest video ever (except with wine … Read more →

Want tastier wine? Try these tricks … or so they say

While I have not had a chance to try many of these tips, the NYT posted an interesting article on the 13th.  The article discusses and advises on “new ways to get rid of unwanted … Read more →

Wine List Prices: Could Not Have Said It Better Myself!

March Shepard, a blogger out of New York, recently posted an article entitled “When is the Wine List Fairly Priced?“.  I must say, I agree whole-heartedly with what Mr. Shepard said.  If a restaurant with … Read more →